Lord of the Rings Sketchbook - Alan Lee

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lord of the rings: color palettes. inspired by (x)

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In the Mind of a Madman

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Assemble by Blule

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On the topic of runes, there is a great little starter book in English regarding the Younger (Viking) Futhark, called ‘A Little Book About The Runes' from Icelandic publishers, Gudrun and written by Björn Jónasson.

It features history, information and sources along with a description of each of the 16 runes including a runic rhyme for each one. This is not an exhaustive or deeply academic read so it may be best for those looking for a light and manageable introduction into the runes of the Viking age.

- hedendom

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au in which the library of alexandria didn’t burn down

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elder scrolls worships

Sithis — the one who existed before everything
The Night Mother — the lady Death, bride of Sithis

It is said that The Night Mother bore the five children of Sithis, then sacrificed them in tribute to his unholy greatness.

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